Dongguan SONGJIE Electronics Technology CO., LTD, founded in 2005, we focus on the connectors and cables development and manufacturing.

The main products of connectors are WAFER\FPC\USB\BTB Connector\Wire to PC Board Connector/PCB Socket\Pin Header /Wire Harness/Cable. They are widely used in industrial control, communication equipment, instrument, computer, CCTV and other industrial and civil electrical products’ signal transmission and accessory projects. And cable products are another big part for our company. We are an ISO/TS-16949 and UL wire harness process program certified professional producer of complete cable interconnect system for computer, electronics, medical, telecommunication, automotive, industrial and other high-performance electronic OEM. We have persistently pursued a management policy stressing quality control and technological advancement. With an IPC A-620 fully trained quality team and the members of WHMA, we can provide all kinds of high-quality wire harness you.

We have stamping and injection molding workshop and 35 modern automatic assembly lines. According to your demand, we can offer coordinated services including product development and design; mold development and design; automatic assembly machine development and manufacturing. With a professional technical and management team, we offer the best service and products.

Our story as below.

leave hometown

Left My Hometown

In China, there are lots of people have to out of the hometown to get a job to make some money.
In 1996, I graduated from senior high school. As a eldest son, I regonized I need to do something for my family. So when I finished the farm work, I decided to get a job in Guangdong Province.

At August 3, 1996, my mother gave me a package of food and just watched me go away for a long time until I disapper in his field of vision.
At that time, my hands were shaking and I were on the verge of tears. I sat on the bus and look around the outside, I decide to become a man for our family.

Be an apprentice in connector factory

I get help from a friend of my father. He was work in the Dongguan City Guangdong Province. When I got there, he gave me a sweet reception and lead me to become an apprentice in the quality test department of connector factory.

There is no way for me, the only thing I can do is to get the skill in this department and learn more to become high-value stuff. That means a lot for me, not just the money; but the most important point is that will be an asset for my career.

I wanna be a successful man and I thought I can do that.

production of wire haress

Became a manager

On December 30, 2000, I successfully became a manager of the assembly line. I have a huge responsibility for the connector production, including the management for staff, new product development and design, product quality control and more.

Behind this small achievement, it is more about my passion and heart.

Company Went Bankrupt

Because of the lack of cash inflow and wrong investments, our company went bankrupt in 2004. That is my first time been through this.

At that time, I did not know what I need to do in the future. I feel very mixed-up about life.


Establish SONG JIE Company

After the bankruptcy of the company, I take a rest and spent a month with my family. During that period, my dad just told his suggestions. He thought that I could use this experience to establish my own company. And he and my mother try their best to ask for a loan to support me.

In 2005, I established SONG JIE company with our family support and my all property these years. And we start to produce connectors and sale them.

Established Cable Department

In 2011, Cable department was built, focus on ethernet cable, VGA cable, otg cable, USB cable and more.

Established Foreign Trade Department

In 2012, I caught the business opportunity for foreign trade and established the Ministry of Foreign Trade.

We finally make our connectors and cable go out of China to the world.

There are so many opportunities and challenges, but I still remember what I want to do.

Before, I wanna be a man for our family. But went through so many things in life, I need to take the responsibility to be a man for my company and family.